Dedicated to property,
since 2010


Block & Estate Management Company Founded

Before the Anstey Group even existed the first ever business that is now part of the group today was our block & estate management company.

This was founded out of frustration after receiving poor service from a managing agent. This frustration later developed into a business managing blocks and estates across Southampton.

1ST MAY, 2012

Residential Block Services Company Founded

As the block management grew demand for block services such as grounds maintenance and cleaning services followed. Therefore in 2012 a new company was founded to provide services exclusively in the residential block, and estate sector.

APRIL, 2015

Anstey achieve highly prestigious ARMA-Q Accreditation

Anstey had become one of the first residential managing agents in England and Wales to achieve the highly prestigious accreditation by the industry’s trade body. The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA).

The accreditation required Anstey to demonstrate that we comply with over 160 rigorous industry standards.

9TH JUNE, 2017

Lettings & Investment Sales Company Founded

What is now Anstey Residential, initially this was launched under a different name ‘Frank Hybrid Property Agent’ the brand was designed to disrupt the Southampton market and provide an alternative to traditional high street agents.

The concept proved very successful gaining traction and since it was started fresh in 2017 all the way until 2019 Frank had let and sold in excess of 400+ properties in Southampton, Bournemouth and Winchester competing with some of the biggest names in the market.

2ND MARCH, 2017

Anstey Group was Founded

Now with three companies' in total the decision of aligning the companies values and goals were achieved by the formation of the Anstey Group.


Unification of the Anstey Brand

At this point, there were still three main companies in the Anstey Group and the decision was taken by the Directors to not only align the values and goals of the businesses but brands as well.

In 2020, the block management, block services and sales & lettings companies adopted the Anstey brand and formed three core divisions under the Group.